rPlus Hydro names Stantec to lead feasibility study for 900-MW Seminoe Pumped Storage

Stantec has been selected by rPlus Hydro to conduct a detailed feasibility study for the 900-MW Seminoe Pumped Storage Project, located on Seminoe Reservoir about 30 miles outside Rawlins, Wyo.

The proposed project will help to address energy storage needs in the Western U.S. as more renewable energy is integrated onto the grid.

“Seminoe Pumped Storage will be the ideal ‘battery’ for Wyoming wind energy, and it will allow more efficient use of new transmission delivering that wind to market,” notes Matthew Shapiro, chief executive officer of rPlus Hydro. “It also represents a major investment in Carbon County, diversifying the region’s economic base.”

Stantec will identify and analyze the alternative intake and outlet structure types and identify the location and type of upper reservoir to complete the pumped storage scheme. Additionally, the firm will plan and perform a geotechnical investigation that will support the feasibility design of the underground facilities, identify pump-generating equipment, identify routing for a transmission line to a nearby grid interconnection, evaluate project constructability, and provide an opinion on probable construction cost.

“We need large-scale proven solutions like hydro pumped storage to address the energy storage needs in the United States,” said Mario Finis, executive vice president for Stantec’s Energy & Resources business. “Stantec is privileged to partner with rPlus Hydro in studying the feasibility of this project, which will play a critical role in increasing grid reliability and increased generation from clean renewable energy sources.”

rPlus Hydro develops pumped storage hydropower projects to support states, utilities and major industries in meeting the demands of the modern energy transition, working to expand pumped storage hydropower’s contribution to grid resiliency and reliability across the U.S. rPlus Hydro is developing several large-scale pumped storage hydropower projects with a combined capacity of more than 5 GW. With up to 10 hours of full-capacity storage, these plants will be able to provide power during peak load periods across multiple days – far longer than batteries.

Stantec has developed a global footprint in pumped storage through 57 years of experience working with clients to provide 16,000 MW in pumped storage capacity at new and existing plants. In September, Stantec announced a feasibility study the firm is leading for the 1,800-MW Gregory County Pumped Storage Project in South Dakota. Stantec served as engineer of record for the two most recently built pumped storage projects in the U.S.: 40-MW Lake Hodges Pumped Storage Plant in California and 1,035-MW Rocky Mountain Pumped Storage Plant in Georgia.

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