Lockheed Martin invests in Canadian solar + storage project

Lockheed Martin said it will invest $9 million toward the construction of a Canadian solar and storage project, in conjunction with $10 million from the Government of Alberta.

TC Energy’s Saddlebrook Solar + Storage Project includes a solar generating facility that is expected to provide up to 102.5 MW of power, or enough electricity to power around 30,000 homes. The project will feature utility-scale storage with an expected output capacity of 6.5 MW/40 MWh.

Saddlebrook will use bifacial solar panels that will generate electrical energy from both sides of the panel. The front side of the panel generates electricity from direct sunlight and the rear generates power from indirect sunlight, such as light reflected off snow-covered surfaces.

The electricity produced by the solar panels and battery will feed into the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES) through an existing substation located on the project property. The battery will be used to provide power to Alberta’s electricity system in times of peak demand.

A drawing featuring bifacial solar panel technology (Source: TC Energy).

The pilot project is expected to be one of the largest flow battery energy storage facilities in Alberta.

“Energy storage is the key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy and aiding in decarbonizing Alberta’s electricity grid,” said Corey Hessen, TC Energy senior vice-president and president, Power, Storage & Commercial Marketing.

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