Gulf Power begins installation of solar panels at two new solar energy centers

Gulf Power, a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light, began installing the first of 600,000 new solar panels planned at two solar farms in Northwest Florida.

The Cotton Creek Solar Energy Center in Escambia County and Blue Springs Solar Energy Center in Jackson County will begin generating clean energy for customers by early 2022, the company said.

“With each solar farm we build, we are driving down costs that will ultimately lead to lower bills for our customers,” said Mike Spoor, Golf Power vice president. “We are also reducing our carbon footprint and providing cleaner air for our region, ensuring we keep Northwest Florida beautiful for generations to come, while also benefitting the local economy with the contribution of hundreds of thousands of additional tax dollars.”

Solar panels are stacked up at Blue Springs Solar Energy Center in Jackson County waiting to be installed on the racking. (Courtesy: FPL)

Together, the 500-acre sites will have the capacity — 150 megawatts — to generate enough energy to power 30,000 homes, joining Blue Indigo Solar Energy Center in Gulf Power’s portfolio.

Florida Power & Light operates 42 solar energy centers in the state.

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