Great Divide Energy submits application for 399-MW pumped storage preliminary permit

Great Divide Energy Park LLC has submitted a preliminary permit application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the 399-MW Great Divide Pumped Storage Hydro Project in Fremont County, Wyo.

The application says there are no existing dams or other project facilities at the proposed location. The proposed pumped storage project will be a newly constructed facility located on federal Bureau of Land Management, State of Wyoming and privately owned land in Fremont County.

The project will consist of an upper and lower off-stream, closed-loop reservoir complex and does not involve any river impoundments. The proposed upper reservoir will be located on a prominent ridge of Green Mountain and the lower reservoir will be adjacent to the southwest slope of the mountain, with an approximate relief of 1,040 feet between the two reservoirs. The reservoirs will be formed by earthen and/or roller-compacted-concrete embankments and will be lined with impervious geotextile or pavement. Both will have a storage capacity of 6,000 acre-feet. The reservoirs will be connected by about 4,093 linear feet of 18-foot-diameter steel penstocks. The powerhouse will contain three 133-MW quaternary turbine/pump unit pairs.

Total average annual energy production for the project is anticipated to be 1,861 GWh.

The proposed water source for the initial fill will consist of groundwater, the conversion of existing water rights, a new water right, and purchase of reclaimed water from the nearby mining pits.

FERC says: The purpose of a preliminary permit is to preserve the right of the permit holder to have the first priority in applying for a license for the project that is being studied.