GAF Energy announces “nailable” home solar shingles

(Source: GAF Energy).

GAF Energy announced the release of a solar roof system incorporating nailable shingles.

The new product is called Timberline Solar. GAF said shingles are installed like a traditional roof “with only a nail gun required.”

The company says Timberline combines solar technology with traditional roofing processes, allowing for faster installation.

GAF plans a rapid expansion of the product in 2022, according to its website. The company believes its clout in the roofing industry and access to contractors will help it put solar on more rooftops.

“We have the capacity to scale this technology like no one else through GAF, bringing an integrated solar product that is weatherproof, affordable, and design-minded to homeowners across the country,” said company President Martin DeBono.

The shingles will be assembled at the company’s 112,000 sq. foot facility in San Jose, California. GAF moved its manufacturing there from South Korea last year.