El Paso Electric, Mitsubishi Power collaborating on decarbonization plans

Texas-based utility El Paso Electric has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Power to develop renewable energy and storage projects that can contribute to the utility’s target of carbon neutrality by 2045.

The deal will enable El Paso Electric to achieve its goal of producing 80% of total electricity from clean resources by 2035 first.

El Paso will leverage the deal and associated projects to decarbonize its generation plants and move away from conventional energy resources, a development that will enable the utility to align operations with the Bidden-Harris climate sustainability agenda.

The energy company says increasing the use of clean energy resources will enable the provision of affordable energy to consumers and in the process will enhance customer services.

The deal will also help El Paso to achieve the energy transition in a cost-effective manner, as well as enhance the company’s grid resiliency.

Mitsubishi Power will help El Paso Electric to develop and implement a hydrogen deployment roadmap. El Paso Electric seeks to convert its Newman Power Station from natural gas only to 30% hydrogen and 70% natural gas and then by 2045 to 100% hydrogen. The roadmap will also include the development of storage and transportation infrastructure.

Kelly A Tomblin, CEO of El Paso said the deal with Mitsubishi Power is part of efforts by the utility to use innovative technologies to decarbonize its operations. Sge said the move is part of efforts to lead other utilities in Texas on sustainability. This comes after El Paso became the first utility in Texas and New Mexico to eliminate coal generation from its energy mix in 2016, according to a statement.

In addition to ensuring sustainability goals are met, the deal is also expected to help revive the economy in Texas with the creation of new jobs, according to Tomblin.

This is not the first time Mitsubishi Power and El Paso have collaborated on energy decarbonization. A deal signed by the two in January 2021 will enable El Paso Electric to triple its portfolio of renewable energy. El Paso Electric’s use of a 228MW gas turbine from Mitsubishi Power will allow quick responses to renewables intermittency with the rapid dispatch of capacity, according to a statement.

Paul Browning, the CEO, Mitsubishi Power Americas, added, “We have 25 years to decarbonize electric power, which makes us all part of ‘The Power Generation.’ We believe that during the energy transition, utilities will need total decarbonization solutions that leverage multiple technologies.”