Advocates call for long-term clean energy incentives in budget reconciliation package

A coalition of more than 50 environmental, renewable energy, and transportation groups are calling on Congress to include long-term clean energy incentives in the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package.

The coalition wrote in a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee that stable, predictable, and long-term clean energy and transportation tax incentives are needed to address the planet’s warming climate and revive an industry hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The time for Congress to act both decisively and boldly on climate change is now. Action to address the climate crisis must be taken across the board, and key among many policies is a foundation of strong federal incentives for clean energy,” the coalition wrote.

The group called for long-term incentives for solar, wind, and other renewable technologies, as well as incentives for energy storage and high-voltage transmission, on a standalone basis. Broad consumer access to the electric vehicle tax credit could (and should) be achieved by shifting away from the per manufacturer cap structure, the authors wrote.

“Given the continued uncertainty around tax equity, and to maximize utilization by the broadest range of stakeholders, all these tax incentives should be made “refundable” or include a direct pay option,” they wrote.

Advanced Energy Economy, American Clean Power Association, American Council on Renewable Energy, Sierra Club, and Vote Solar were among the organizations that signed the letter to Congress.

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