A guide to inspecting solar PV systems from manned aircraft

Solar software company Raptor Maps released a guide that outlines steps and best practices for inspecting solar PV systems from manned aircraft.

The 18-page report supplements training materials that the company previously released for solar PV inspections using drones.

“Solar asset owners and operators have a right to specify the quality of work that is done on their behalf,” says Nikhil Vadhavkar, Raptor Maps’ co-founder and CEO.  “The industry is moving away from the ‘check the box’ mentality, and stakeholders are demanding unfiltered, original data to ensure compliance and avoid money being left on the table.  By making our drone and manned aircraft manuals available to the public, we reaffirm our commitment to transparency and enable anyone to be an aerial inspection expert.”

The guide includes recommendations for when to use manned aircraft, flight planning, equipment mounting and operation, specific cameras, lens configurations and aircraft makes and models that are most commonly used within the solar industry.